class photo Short North Fitness believes in providing a incredible offering of group classes, taught by a stellar group of Columbus' brightest fitness professionals. These classes are open to anyone who wishes to attend, regardless of experience and are included with your membership. Please see a Short North Fitness representative for details. Class schedules will be available at the Short North Fitness front desk and also at For non-member drop-in's the charge is $12 each. You can also purchase a class pass for $100 that provides 10 classes.

Please make sure to check in at the front desk to collect your class ticket before class. Both members, and non-member drop-ins are responsible for check in.


Instructor utilizes a combination of fluid movement and held poses to build heat, flexibility and strength. Attention will be paid to proper alignment to allow for safe and deep exploration of the poses. Awareness of the breath and linking the breath to the movement will be a focus of the practice as the class moves through sequences. Modifications will be provided to accommodate students of all levels, making the class accessible yet challenging.


Get caught up in the cycling cyclone. Spinning is an intense static-cycle exercise class that has swept the nation in recent years and taken up a firm position in the timetable of every self-respecting gym. It’s a sweaty, high-octane class that’ll push you to the limit in pursuit of those steely thighs and sculpted bum. If you are looking to maximize your workout, or you just would like another way to have fun while getting your cardio in, call ahead to reserve your bike! Spinners who spin regularly tend to see results faster than when they stick to cardio machines!


As we grow in our yoga practice, we learn the importance of using core muscles to support the body. From the superficial "6-pack", to deep muscles like the iliopsoas, we learn to access untapped muscular power for greater strength and flexibility. These muscles enhance postures starting with the fundamental yoga positions and progressing to challenging deep hip openers and arm balances. If you are curious how to quickly and safely move in & out of postures, work deeper into the hips, and improve your overall balance this class is for you. This is a vigorous physical practice (with modifiers for those newer to the practice), with a strong emphasis on safe technique and consistent breathing. Come to class with an open mind and a can-do attitude and you will be surprised at what you can do.


Back to basics approach of training incorporating strength, cardiovascular, core, and flexibility into one progressive full body workout program. Lunge, squat, push up, and crunch your way right to cardio intervals of jumping jacks, running, jump rope and mountain climbers. Use the energy and motivation of the group to challenge you to your limits, no matter what level you are at now.


A mix of traditional and power Yoga for beginners to advanced practitioners. The class focuses on proper alignment and strength building, offering advanced modifications and poses for experienced Yogis. Combining up tempo modern, and traditional Yoga music to engage students in the mind/body experience.


Want to blasts 400+ calories in less than an hour? Spin Express is a 45min high intensity interval training class with upbeat music and plenty of motivation. Come ready to push yourself to the max for optimum results.


...Interval training at its best! The rider will be taken on a 60 min journey and will average 17 miles, with each track bringing a new terrain that works on either Pace, Hills, Race/Hill Intervals, Speed, Mountain Climbs and Recovery through out!

This class is designed to enhance your out door ride, where the rider will gain-stamina, endurance and strength! It’s a high cardio blast to the body and all the while set to great music to help move you along to the beat!


The Power Sculpt will include a combination of weights, bands, tubes, stability balls, circuits, and sports drills to enhance a total body workout and to help encourage definition. Power Sculpt is an intense total, body sculpting workout that includes exercises to increase strength and flexibility. A mentally fit mind and physically fit body is ideal.

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